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version 2.13

Package iaik.xml.crypto.xades

Classes for generating and validating XML Advanced Electronic Signatures.

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Package iaik.xml.crypto.xades Description

Classes for generating and validating XML Advanced Electronic Signatures. This package includes classes that represent the elements defined in the ETSI XML Advanced Electronic Signatures specification. The XAdESSignature extends the XMLSignature defined in JavaTM XML Digital Signature API Specification (JSR 105). XAdESSignatures are produced using a XMLSignatureFactory that supports XAdES.

The QualifyingPropertiesFactory is used to create QualifyingProperties elements (SigningTime, SigningCertificate, SignaturePolicyIdentifier, SignatureProductionPlace, SignerRole, DataObjectFormat, CommitmentTypeIndication, AllDataObjectsTimeStamp, IndividualDataObjectsTimeStamp, CounterSignature, SignatureTimeStamp, CompleteCertificateRefs, CompleteRevocationRefs, AttributeCertificateRefs, AttributeRevocationRefs, SigAndRefsTimeStamp, RefsOnlyTimeStamp, CertificateValues, RevocationValues, ArchiveTimeStamp) analog to KeyInfoFactory is used to create KeyInfo elements.

Unlike the XMLSignature the XAdESSignature supports appending additional (unsigned) information to an already marshaled signature, to allow for the extension of XAdES signatures with additional QualifyingProperties. Whether these changes are directly reflected by the underlying XML representation or a new XML representation must be marshaled depends on the implementation and the supported XML representation and marshaling mechanism.

The QualifyingProperties are grouped like the following:

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