IAIK PKCS#11 Provider API Documentation
version 1.6

Class KeyFactoryAdapter

  extended by java.security.KeyFactory
      extended by iaik.pkcs.pkcs11.provider.keyfactories.KeyFactoryAdapter

public class KeyFactoryAdapter
extends java.security.KeyFactory

This is an adapter class to allow to instantiate a key factory directly.

Karl Scheibelhofer

Constructor Summary
KeyFactoryAdapter(java.security.KeyFactorySpi keyFacSpi, java.security.Provider provider, java.lang.String algorithm)
          Creates a KeyFactoryAdapter object.
Method Summary
Methods inherited from class java.security.KeyFactory
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Constructor Detail


public KeyFactoryAdapter(java.security.KeyFactorySpi keyFacSpi,
                         java.security.Provider provider,
                         java.lang.String algorithm)
Creates a KeyFactoryAdapter object.

keyFacSpi - the delegate
provider - the provider
algorithm - The algorithm name of the key factory

IAIK PKCS#11 Provider API Documentation
version 1.6

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