IAIK PKCS#11 Provider API Documentation
version 1.6

Class RsaCipher

  extended by javax.crypto.CipherSpi
      extended by iaik.pkcs.pkcs11.provider.ciphers.PKCS11Cipher
          extended by iaik.pkcs.pkcs11.provider.ciphers.RsaCipher
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class RsaCipher
extends PKCS11Cipher

This is an implementation of a RSA Cipher class that uses the IAIK PKCS#11 wrapper to access the token. With IAIKPKCS11PrivateKey and IAIKPKCS11PublicKey it works with the underlying PKCS#11 module. If it is used with non-PKCS#11 keys, keys which are not of the aforementioned classes, it uses a software cipher of the configured delegate provider. If this cipher is used in encryption mode with a private key, it uses the C_SignInit, C_Sign, C_SignUpdate and C_SignFinal of the PKCS#11 modul; i.e. it behaves like a cipher engine to the application but like a signature engine to the token. When used with OAEP padding, the MGF1 hash algorithm is equal to the digest algorithm used for hashing the data.

Karl Scheibelhofer

Constructor Summary
          Default constructor.
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Constructor Detail


public RsaCipher()
Default constructor.

IAIK PKCS#11 Provider API Documentation
version 1.6

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