Interface ByteArrayAuthCipherEngine

All Superinterfaces:
ByteArrayCipherEngine, CipherEngine, MacAADEngine, MacEngine

public interface ByteArrayAuthCipherEngine
extends ByteArrayCipherEngine, MacAADEngine

Generic authentication Cipher engine for authenticated encrypting/decrypting data that is supplied by a byte array. Used by class EncryptedContentInfo for authenticated content en/decryption with CMS content-type AuthEnvelopedData.
Setups a cipher utility for authenticated encryption/decryption depending on the requested mode and en/deciphers the data that is supplied to method cipher. Additional data (which shall be authenticated only but not encrypted) may be set by calling method setAdditionalAuthData, and method getMac returns the calculated message authentication code.

Allows the implementation of authenticated en/deciphering utilities that may be independent from the JCE javax.crypto.Cipher engine. The default implementation, however, is based on the javax.crypto.Cipher engine.

An application that implements its own ByteArrayAuthCipherEngine has to override the following SecurityProvider methods to plug-in its own implementation:

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