IAIK XML Security Toolkit (XSECT)

XSECT version 2.10

How to install XSECT 2.10


When you are reading this file you have already downloaded and unpacked the XSECT 2.10 distribution from:


Your installation directory will not only contain the information files you are currently reading, but also the following sub-folders:

XSECT 2.10 operates on:

If you don't have installed IAIK-JCE, visit our download page - don't forget to register - and download the appropriate distributions.
Note that you need a version >= 3.1 in order to make use of all supported algorithms!

Once you have installed XSECT 2.10, you have to update your CLASSPATH properly.

On Windows, use the set classpath command (here *.jar stands for all jar-files delivered in the \libs - directory):

> set CLASSPATH=%classpath%;<your-install-directory>\lib\*.jar;

If there are problems, please send an email to <jce@iaik.tugraz.at>
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