IAIK PKCS#11 Wrapper
version 1.4

Package iaik.pkcs.pkcs11.wrapper

This package contains the first (lowest) Java layer of the PKCS#11 wrapper.

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Package iaik.pkcs.pkcs11.wrapper Description

This package contains the first (lowest) Java layer of the PKCS#11 wrapper. It is a straight-forward mapping of the PKCS#11 API from the C programming language to the Java programming language. As a result, it is not really object oriented in its style and handling as know from Java. Anyone familiar with PKCS#11 in C, will find this layer easy to use. All methods of the PKCS11 interface have the same name as the corresponding functions of PKCS#11, and all classes have the same name as the corresponding data structures of PKCS#11. The developer can use this layer directly or may use the next higher level layer that is located in the iaik.pkcs.pkcs11 package and in the iaik.pkcs.pkcs11.objects package. If the application uses this layer directly, it calls PKCS11Connector.connectToPKCS11Module(String) (passing the PKCS#11 module as parameter; e.g. "C:\Program Files\Drivers\mypkcs11driver.dll") to get an implementation of the PKCS11 interface. Through this object, the application accesses all the functionality of the underlaying PKCS#11 module.
The main differences between this API to the original PKCS#11 API are:
* The functions in this package do not return return-values as know from PKCS#11. If the underlying PKCS#11 module returns a value other than CKR_OK, the wrapper throws an PKCS11Exception which holds the return value for information.
* Where PKCS#11 functions use pointers to return various objects, such objects and values are returned directly as the regular return value of the according function.
* In Java, it is not necessary to store the length of an array separately. Every array in Java 'knows' its own length.

Any PKCS#11 module compliant to PKCS#11 version 2.x should be compatible to this API. We used PKCS#11 version 2.20 as a basis for development.
IAIK PKCS#11 Wrapper
version 1.4

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