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Class TokenKeyStoreFastSpi

  extended by java.security.KeyStoreSpi
      extended by iaik.pkcs.pkcs11.provider.TokenKeyStoreSpi
          extended by iaik.pkcs.pkcs11.provider.TokenKeyStoreFastSpi
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class TokenKeyStoreFastSpi
extends TokenKeyStoreSpi

An adapter class to gain the possibility to instantiate an object that is an instance of KeyStore. This KeyStore implementation extends class TokenKeyStoreSpi and overwrites the method engineLoad and ensureCurrentTables() to achieve better performance. This is done by leaving out the checking for any external token changes, which is done in every KeyStore method when using TokenKeyStoreSpi. The FastPKCS11KeyStore can be instantiated with KeyStore.getInstance("FastPKCS11KeyStore"); or KeyStore.getInstance("FastPKCS11"); It can be used when the PKCS#11 token is not removed or changed and if no token entries are added, changed or removed with external tools. The FastPKCS11KeyStore can also be used, if the moment of external changes is known and the KeyStore is then manually updated by using tokenKeyStore.updateKeyStore().

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
TokenKeyStoreFastSpi(TokenManager tokenManager)
Method Summary
 void engineLoad(java.io.InputStream in, char[] password)
          Loads and initializes this key store.
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Constructor Detail


public TokenKeyStoreFastSpi()


public TokenKeyStoreFastSpi(TokenManager tokenManager)
Method Detail


public void engineLoad(java.io.InputStream in,
                       char[] password)
                throws java.io.IOException,
Loads and initializes this key store. The user PIN may be provided as the password. If the application provides the PIN like this, the keystore will not prompt the password by other means. Please note that the keystore will keep a reference to the password object if it is provided.

engineLoad in class TokenKeyStoreSpi
in - The stream to load from.
password - The user PIN (or password) for the token.
java.io.IOException - If the keystore cannot be loaded.
java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException - If getting the provider instance fails.
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