Class IaikJCECipher

  extended by iaik.cms.IaikJCECipher

public class IaikJCECipher
extends java.lang.Object

This class is used to foward Cipher object creation to the IAIK-JCE library.

When creating a Cipher instance the IAIK-CMS SecurityProvider does not call Cipher.getInstance; rather it calls JCECipher.create().getCipher. If a JDK version >= 1.3 and an IAIK-JCE version >= 3.17 is used, JCECipher.create() returns a IaikJCECipher object. A call to iaikJCECipher.getCipher() creates the Cipher object by calling IaikSecurity.getCipher(). This ensures that the final Cipher.getInstance call is made within the IAIK-JCE library. Now -- when using the unlimited strength CryptoPerms containing iaik_jce_(full).jar file -- the Cipher object allows arbitrary key sizes even if the default policy files are installed.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 javax.crypto.Cipher getCipher(java.lang.String algorithm, java.lang.String providerName)
          Gets a Cipher instance for the requested algorithm.
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Constructor Detail


public IaikJCECipher()
Method Detail


public javax.crypto.Cipher getCipher(java.lang.String algorithm,
                                     java.lang.String providerName)
                              throws javax.crypto.NoSuchPaddingException,
Gets a Cipher instance for the requested algorithm.

algorithm - the Cipher algorithm (transformation)
providerName - the name of the provider from which to get the Cipher instance or null if using any provider
the Cipher instance
java.security.NoSuchProviderException - if providerName is not null, but the corresponding provider is not installed
java.security.NoSuchAlgorithmException - if no implementation for the requested cipher algorithm is available
javax.crypto.NoSuchPaddingException - if the requested padding scheme is not available

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