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AuthenticatedData, AuthEnvelopedData, CompressedData, Data, DigestedData, EncryptedData, EnvelopedData, Receipt, SignedData

public interface Content
extends ContentStream

The interface for the non-stream implementations of the CMS content types.

This interface extends the ContentStream interface about the decode(ASN1Object obj) method that additionally has to be implemented by any class that represents the non-stream implementation of one of the several CMS content types. Within the IAIK-CMS package, this interface is implemented for all six content types specified by RFC 5652, and for the CompressedData type ( RFC 3274) and the ESS Receipt ( RFC 2634) content type:

Implementations of this interface do not represent the contentTypefield of the CMS ContentInfo structure. They represent the ASN.1 structures defined in RFC 5652 for the several CMS content types. Implementations of this interface are instantiated for supplying values for the content field of the CMS ContentInfo structure.

See Also:
ContentStream, ContentInfo, Data, SignedData, EnvelopedData, DigestedData, EncryptedData, AuthenticatedData, CompressedData, Receipt

Method Summary
 void decode(ASN1Object obj)
          Decodes the supplied CMS content type, given as ASN1Object.
Methods inherited from interface iaik.cms.ContentStream
decode, getBlockSize, getContentType, setBlockSize, toASN1Object, toString

Method Detail


void decode(ASN1Object obj)
            throws CMSParsingException
Decodes the supplied CMS content type, given as ASN1Object.

obj - the CMS content type to be decoded, as ASN1Object
CMSParsingException - if an error occurs during the decoding process

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